Watermelons to help avoid heart-attacks

02 Nov 2012
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An US-based study recently concluded that a daily dose of watermelon could help one stay protected against heart related diseases. Watermelon's ability to keep the increasing levels of cholesterol as well as growing weight in check is the primary reason for this association.

High fat-based food diet results in accumalation of low-density lipoprotien (LDL) in the body. This accumalation is the primary reason for artilery clogging which in turn exposes the risk of heart diseases.

Watermelon has the ability to reduce such LDL accumalation by half its normal capacity, reported the study done by the scientists on a mice fed on such a diet alongside watermelon.

The researchers of Purbue University, US, attributed this ability of watermelon to a chemical called critulline which is found in the fruit. This chemical plays a vital role in checking the accumulation of fatty substance in the artileries and therefore also check on the increasing weight.

In Britain, 270,000 people suffer from heart-attack and one in three of such cases succumb to death even before reaching the hospital. Given the scenario, although investigations show no effect of consumption of watermelon on the blood pressure, watermelon has shown considerable support in reducing the risks associated with the heart-related problems.