We Care About You and Your Heart

Imagine that you or a loved one  is affected by a heart condition and urgently need medical treatment. Heart treatment can be expensive in certain parts of  the world. For eg. in the USA where a cardiovascular procedure can cost about 150,000 to 200,000 USD, a comparable procedure might cost only about 10,000 USD in India.

Our Services - Medical Tourism Facilitation

Medical tourism is a term used to refer to the process of travelling across borders internationally to obtain better healthcare services. The term has achieved widespread use today as it has been popularised by the mass media as well as travel agencies worldwide. Many governments have now...

Our Services - TeleCardiology

Telecardiology is the process wherein a patient’s electrical activity results such as ECG and other diagnostic studies like Echocardiogram, Cardiac CT scan, Cardiac MRI scan, etc., can be transmitted and interpreted through telephone or over the internet...

Our Services - Online Cardiac Consultation

We offer free teleconsultation services to people who wish to communicate/consult with certified cardiologists about any heart related ailments from the comforts of your home. This will enable you to learn about a condition, its symptoms, its treatments and get a thorough diagnosis.

Our Services - TeleRadiology

Teleradiology which is derived from one of the existing medical practices - Radiology is the digital transmission of radiographic images between two centres for the purpose of interpretation. We have developed a system that automates the transfer of radiographic images and interpretations between...