Judging Your Risk Of Cardiac Ailments

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The age at which an average population is detected with heart diseases, is falling tremendously day by day. Blame this on the faulty lifestyle, stress, faulty food habits but the incidence and the average age group both are alarming. There are some factors that help you decide whether you are at risk of a heart disease.

Family History: If you have a direct blood relation who has had a heart disease then the risk of heart diseases increases double.

  • Height/Weight Ratio: Check your weight with your height with the charts easily available on the net. You can check it at home as well. This ratio has to be below 25 for males and 28 for females beyond that there is a high risk of heart diseases.
  • Waist/Hip Ratio: Measure your waist and hip circumference in centimetres now divide the waist readings with the hip readings. A ratio above 0.85 suggests a risk of heart diseases. From the above statement it is clear that one needs to maintain the weight at some optimum level.
  • Check your blood for cholesterol: Total cholesterol readings has to be below 200 mg/dl.     
  • Smokers and people who do not exercise (at least thrice a week) are at risk of cardiac ailments heart diseases. 

These are some of the common heart diseases assessments.

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