Yoga And Heart Diseases

Yoga And Heart Diseases

Heart is like any other muscle in our body, which works perpetually. Therefore, it needs to be used and then rested. Recent studies have shown that diseases of the heart are preventable and reversible.

To a certain extent medication and surgery do not have any lasting cure to diseases of the heart. Many clinical trials have authenticated that practicing yoga may have a significant impact on certain risk factors associated with CVD. It has been observed that yoga can reduce weight gain associated with age, lowering total cholesterol. The results of several trials suggest that yogic practices can also significantly reduce blood pressure in healthy people and also the hypertensive. Another test indicates that the practice of yoga can help slow the onset of  Coronary Heart Disease. Finally, a series of studies, published in 2004, have identified trials on yoga and cardiovascular disease.
Relaxation through yoga may help some patients control their blood pressure. Yoga may also improve blood flow and make arteries and veins more elastic. Yoga can help reduce stress, a major contributor to heart disease. A number of poses and breathing techniques recommended are useful in managing cardiovascular health.
Yoga has a major role in minimizing the upsurge of cardiovascular diseases. The main factors which triggers cardiovascular diseases are stressful lifestyle and improper diet. Heart disease is very commonly known as “psychosomatic disease”. It can be avoided or reversed by changing lifestyle and diet.  
The path of yoga helps in the prevention of stress in healthy people, aids in the recovery of diseases and other illnesses, gives strength to the physical body, and helps in weight loss.
Diet does not necessarily mean what we take as food. A NON-FOOD DIET includes what we consume as THOUGHT, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, etc. Our thoughts and emotions affect all parts of our body. Emotions and anxiety sparks chemical processes throughout the entire body which in turn affect our system and causes disharmony in the  BODY & MIND  which leads to cardiac-related diseases.
Recent researches have shown that the MIND  plays a more vital role in ensuring total health. Yoga is an effective way of dealing with MIND.  In the modern world, people have started realizing the importance of  Yoga. Yoga is an ancient system of self-development which helps to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  Yoga sutras consist of eight wings. These eight wings comprise of guidelines for living a peaceful, disease free, and a fruitful life.

1.Sun Salutation:

This set of yoga exercises are recommended for cardiovascular health. Do at least 6 to 12 cycles a day. It will help to strengthen the health of the heart and help to prevent heart attack. If you are already suffering from heart problems, the Sun Salutation may be too strenuous and is not recommended. In this case, you may substitute the following postures instead:

2.Tibetan Heart Yoga​

In nut shell, it is the present way of living a tense and stressful life which is causing more damage to the heart. Faulty diet adds fuel to the fire. Consciousness about our body requirement and our sustainable power will save many people from this most fatal disease of the recent times. Yogic way of life has a very vital role in preventing, reversing, and curing cardiovascular heart disease.

This is the reason why all, including medical fraternity, are now turning to Yoga with great expectations. It is also said that no amount of Yoga can help if the person is not taking a suitable and balanced diet.  

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