Physical activity - Key for the heart health

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 10/16/2018 - 15:04

We hear more and more about cardiovascular deaths these days irrespective of age and gender. Modern sedentary lifestyle at work and also at home, unhealthy eating habits contribute to a greater extent for the present situation.
Healthy heart is essential as its proper functioning indirectly helps in the maintenance and normal functioning of the entire body. It helps in timely supply of nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and immune-proteins to the target organs or tissues through the blood.
Research revealed that people who are involved in any kind of physical activity, at least for 30 minutes in a day can live longer and healthier. Physical activity makes you breathe harder which increases heart rate strengthening cardiac muscles; this, in turn, ensures active life for normal and also heart disease patients. 
Heart healthy exercises that can reduce the risk of heart diseases:

  • Best and most beneficial for heart health is the moderate intensity aerobic activity which involves rhythmic exercises like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs, and swimming. These are also called cardiovascular exercises, which increase the heart rate by giving long lasting results.
  • Weight lifting or load carrying exercises means resistance training. Resistance exercises are important for the maintenance of normal weight as excess weight leads to heart diseases. It is not necessary to have an access to the gym with weight machines, dumbbells and resistance belts, simple house hold activities like heavy gardening, carrying shopping bags can also help in strengthening the muscles.
  • Experts suggest 10 minutes of stretching exercises; twice a week improves flexibility and ensures proper blood circulation. Aged people or people with difficulty in standing for longer times can follow   chair-based exercises; these are kind of exercises which load the muscles at convenience and comfort of their home.
  • Yoga and breathing exercises are other practices that can relieve physical and mental stress as stress has become part and parcel of life in the present society.

Apart from all these, healthy eating, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and getting enough sleep are equally important for heart health. Checking with the doctor before going for rigorous exercises is extremely important. Just remember that our well-being is in our own hands.