Tight chest

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Hello doctor,
I am a 30 year old male. I am in a good shape but I have been experiencing chest pressure in the past few months. I feel no pain, it just feels tight in my heart area for 1-2 seconds. I have not experienced any stress lately, and last time i checked my blood tests were ok. I occasionally smoke or drink. However, I have sort of a history as my dad has replaced a heart valve when he was about 35. What do you suggest? Thank you.

Ventricular topics

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I am a 50 yr old woman. Have had ventricular s topics since I was 23. Have cardiologist had holters ,heart CT etc aHad a full med check up and all iis well except My cholesterol was 7.1 but I'm getting that down with Cholestrienole ( naturopathic) I don't do reg exercise- I am 5'8 and 92kg. b/p 125/75 p75i have high anxiety and work long hrs as a nurse. 4 children.  New hubby. EAt poorly ( gastric band) drink wine 3-5/7 nights of 1 champagne. Why the heck do these ectopic s kick in ?? I get nothing for ages then whammy. I will wake and they are there.

Coronory artery disease

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Sir, my father is a army personnel, so he used to drink daily nn also he started smoking from last 2 years . he is posted in extreme cool area off india in kashmir . he has a heart attack this march suddenly he admitted to i.c.u after 7 days he sent to delhi for angiography there it found that he has 35% to 40% blockage, thereafter doctors suggested us to not to go for angioplasty , they can cure this one with medicine only , they has given metroprolol,aspirin, atrovastatin .


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Hi I was diagnosed with myopericarditis 8 months ago and after 3 months of constant rest I gradually started going back to work as a construction worker which is a physical job and 5 months later I am doing 6 days work a week and I was feeling fine for a long period of time but then recently last week I had a little cold which then my chest has started having stabbing pains on and off, my shoulders and arms are aching also still after 9 days  any ideas from what this could be ?. I have been to the doctors/hospital and they dont know what this may be. many thanks

Need guidance

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My name is ahmed and i am 27 years old.i want to know is there any heart disease that causes sweaty palms. or is it due to anxiety that causes sweat on palms. my palms get sweaty with chest anxiety.kindly guide me.

Atrial septal aneurysm

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i am 31 years old, last year i did a TTE as i was feeling some skipped heart beats, my dr found a ASA without presence of a shunt, he said nothing to worry about, all i have to do is to take a daily aspirine 81mg to prevent risk of stroke.
my question is there a chance for the aneurysm to rupture with exercise? and ehat are the risks associated?
do i have to regulary do the echo test?

Thank you