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Physical Activity – Key For The Heart Health

We hear more and more about cardiovascular deaths these days irrespective of age and gender. Modern sedentary life style at work and also at home, unhealthy eating habits contribute to a greater extent for the present situation. Healthy heart is essential as its proper functioning indirectly helps in maintenance and normal functioning of the entire...


Clogged Arteries Increase The Risk Of Stroke

A new research published online in Stroke, a journal of American Heart Association reveals that blocked arteries are one of the main factors that increase the risk of stroke.  Study shows that the measure of heart artery blockage mainly the coronary artery calcification (CAC) can assess the incidence of stroke attacks. Stroke occurs due to...


Egg White A Potential Hypertension Treatment

People who are health-conscious, who take the egg white alone avoiding yolk due to its high cholesterol and fat have another reason to rejoice as it also works as a potential treatment for hypertension even when it is completely cooked. Egg white which is also called as albumin is rich in essential nutrients. It contains...


Chocolate And Cardiovascular Diseases

Over 16.7 million deaths due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) were recorded globally in 2002. Various studies have suggested that cardiovascular diseases may be preventable by lifestyle modifications such as exercise and nutrition. Various health firms have indicated the importance of diet for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. A diet rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables,...


Thyroid Hormone Improved Heart Function After Heart Attack

According to a study published by researchers in the Journal of Translational Medicine, the administration of thyroid hormone treatment improved heart function by reducing the loss of cardiac myocytes (heart muscle cells) at the time of myocardial infraction (heart attack). Thyroid gland produces two significant hormones called T3 and T4. They play an important role...