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Day by day people are getting increasingly aware about their health. People are investing time, and money both in their health. Most of the diseases can be avoided with a careful and aware lifestyle. Today cases of heart diseases top the list. Many reasons have been cited for the causes of increases

in the rate of the heart diseases. Stress and unruly lifestyle are the prime accused. Yet with the advancement in the medical field these can be controlled and treated effectively. If prompt medication is started in the early stages there is a high recovery rate. For the prompt action we first need to understand the key symptoms of the heart diseases.

Pain in the chest, upper back, underarms, below the chin should not be neglected especially if it is starting in the early evening (after the hustle bustle of the day)
Pain with restlessness, patient cannot describe as to what exactly is occurring with his/her system.
Breathlessness, even at rest. With an attempt to move the breathlessness increases
Perspiration with slightest of effort or perspiration (sweat) with the pain is a classical symptom.
At times the heart beats too fast almost like a gallop.
These are some of the common symptoms, but it is best to have regular check ups and visit the doctor as early as you can.

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