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Now leading cardiologists are just a phone call away. We offer tele consultancy services wherein you can talk to a cardiologist directly over the phone or video consultation from the comforts of your home.

Want to know something about a condition as soon as possible?! Just schedule an appointment and qualified medical professionals are ready to answer your every query at the other end.

We provide the best and the most comprehensive cardiac teleconsultation service available. Patients are provided with detailed analysis and an all-encompassing report including all the information that the patient requires like:

  • Details of the symptoms
  • Risk factors
  • Status of the condition
  • Treatment options available
  • Recommended options
  • Lifestyle changes to implement

We also provide you with second opinions on consultations and treatment options that your family doctor has provided you. Detailed review of your condition and further recommendations are given so that you can decide if you need to consider different options.

We give the highest priority to any and all questions that you have regarding your medical condition and are all about helping you adjust with your condition better because no form of treatment is complete without the patient fully understanding the problem that he is faced with and knowing what he has to do to accelerate the treatment process.

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