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Genetic Disorders Can Be The Culprits Of Unexpected Cardiac Deaths

Scientists have come to the conclusion that sudden deaths due to cardiac issues can be caused by genetic defects. This fact can be of immense help in trying to reduce sudden deaths in patients who have been suffering from Long QT syndrome which is an unusual and hereditary heart rhythm disorder.  Further these studies state...


Hospitals Treating Heart Attacks Beating Deadline

A new study reveals the surprising turn of events in cardiology cases. Hospitals are treating patients coming with heart attack within 90 minutes of arrival. There are cases when the patient was attended to within 26 minutes and even 16 minutes. Heart attack or a cardiac arrest occurs when the blood supply to the heart...


Marriage Helps To Increase Your Life Span After Heart Surgery

It has been found that married couples have a greater chance of living up to 15 years after one of them undergoes a coronary bypass when compared to single men and women. Although there is no valid proof about this finding, there is no doubt about the fact that having a mate is extremely reassuring...