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Coronary Angiogram: Uses, Procedure and Risks

Studies reveal that chronic diseases are by far the leading cause of death in the world and their impact is steadily growing. Among them, cardiovascular disease in people aged 35-64 is the leading cause. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is assuming large proportion in the population due to various factors like change of life styles, lack...


What is a Thallium Scan?

Thallium or cardiolite scanning is a diagnostic technique that uses a radioactive isotope or a tracer to evaluate the amount of blood reaching different parts of heart. These are included in the category of nuclear medicine scans. It is otherwise known as thallium imaging or myocardial perfusion scan or cold spot imaging. This method is...


Cardiac Stress Test

Heart supplies oxygen to all parts of the body and any defects in the heart affects the normal functioning of the whole body. Hence, monitoring the efficiency of the heart is often done on a regular basis.The physician can get a very good idea about the functioning of heart when it is subjected to physical...