We Care About You and Your Heart

Imagine that you or a loved one  is affected by a heart condition and urgently need medical treatment. Heart treatment can be expensive in certain parts of  the world. For eg. in the USA where a cardiovascular procedure can cost about 150,000 to 200,000 USD, a comparable procedure might cost only about 10,000 USD in India.

Therefore it is an economical alternative to search for other destinations which provide medical care at the same quality but at a much more affordable price. This forms the crux of Medical Tourism. Also in some of the countries patients have to wait in the queue for getting the required treatment and in some countries the treatment facilities itself are not available. In all these circumstances medical tourism seems to be a good choice. 

We are an experienced group of  certified medical professionals who have come together to give our expertise on guiding people who wish to go abroad for medical treatments. You can talk  to our panel of experts directly  and get the necessary information on the package that suits you the most. We can even talk with your family doctor so that you get a better diagnosis on the condition of you or your loved ones and recommend  a suitable treatment.
We  provide online medical consultancy via video chat,telephonic text chat or via email where you can consult a certified medical professional from your home and get solutions for your ailments and clear your doubts relating to that ailment.  We also act as a platform for physicians all over the world who wish to provide high quality treatments for their patients.
The German and Indian hospitals which we associate with are of international standards, with success rates comparable to high volume cardiac centers in the USA. We  strive to meet the highest  medical and ethical standards and expect the same from our partner hospitals.
Cardiac conditions should never be ignored  due to lack of funds. Talk to our experts and  get the proper guidance.  Allow us to help you find the right destination for all your heart care needs and lead a happy and productive life.


Team Heart-Consult