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im 26/w/m 5'10'' 225lbs in lake worth florida. i work out regularly, weights at the gym 4-6 times a week, run 1-1/2 mile 5 days a week. i eat regularly healthy meals for breakfast n dinners mostly skip lunch drink alot of water, have not had fast food in 1yr have not had soda in 3 yrs. i have had quit the rough life for my body, 3 jobs at once 90 hrs a week as stock clerk at age 20, i was an iron worker in construction for 3 yrs then i was in the automotive business for a year. i have noticed lately that my hands, feet, arms legs "fall asleep" alot more than they used to, i dont heal as fast i used to, ive had a small cut on my shin for 3 weeks used to go away in couple of days. if i dont go to the gym for a few days my arms will go from 20 inches to 15-16 inches round at the biceps, in a few days. i think i am lacking blood flow, is there a good way to increase that? i mean everyone tells me eat good and exercise, i do. but when i run more i get shin splints, i never got them before, in high school i was running a mile in 5 mins no problem. is there anything else that can help circulate my blood

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Exercise is good, but he should not overdo it.
To exclude any illness he should have blood checked.


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Doubt regarding Angiogram

Hi.... I have a doubt regarding Angiogram. A family friend of mine has cardio issues and the doctor has asked him to get an Angiogram done immediately. However, the patient is also having Kidney problems with creatine levels on the higher side. I have read on the net that Angiogram is detrimental to people with Kidney issues. Is it true?? what other alternatives do we have? Kindly offer your advice and suggestions. Thank you... Regards

enlarge heart

I took my 14yr son to have his physical today... I inform doctor that his left side hurts sometimes. And i had her to check his heart due to the fact , he plays basketball. She did and ekg and she said he has an enlarge heart. My son and dad says it nothing to worry abt. She did refer us to a cardiologist but shld i be worried until i see specialist.

Grandfather's heart eports about bypass surgery with valve repla

Sir, i would appreciate a lot consultation based on reports of my ailing grandfather, just to know about the seriousness of the bypass surgery. Where can i send the reports by mail, do tell the mai id pleaase.

Re: Grand father's heart...

Please send patient's medical reports and other details to 


 baby -1year, and very active,PDA 4-5mm left to right shunt>2:1(gradients:90/25mmhg)
can u please advice me what was the treatment.

Sorry, very special case.

Sorry, very special case. Please consult with pediatric cardiologist.