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I've had a very high heart rate (175 bpm) for the past 4 days and it hasn't stopped. I've also had sharp chest pain on the left side of my chest, dizziness, and a high fever of 105. I can't afford a doctor. What could this be? What should I do?

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If heart rate and fever are that high, please immediately seek medical help.

Medical Team, Heart Consult

Elective carto guided ablation

What is elective carto guided ablation?


Please go to our articles section where procedure is described . 

carto system is magnetic guided system where focus of atrial fibrillation can be located easier than before and hence ablation procedure time decreases.
If such procedure is required, please let us know. We can arrange this is in international renowned high volume centres in Germany.

alcohol ablation

i have I.H.S.S. heart disease. i also have Hep C and cerosiss of the liver both in stage 4. So I have to have my heart fixed before I can do the new Hep C treatment. and liver transplant. My cardiogist tried to do the ablation but during this he cut my heart and put in a stent. So the ablation didn't get done and my liver procedures are on hold. My card. said he is looking for someone from the mayo clinic to get ahol of him for some answeres. but it's been over 2 months. the ablation failure was on Aug. 22nd.


treatment of choice would be TASH procedure. During this procedure alcohol is installed into coronary artery and myocardial infarction is induced. Due to this scarring of myocardium occurs and stenosis/gradient is reduced.
Mayo clinic is defintely an excellent centre.    

9 year old son echo report

I got this report after having a echo on my 9 year old sons heart last week

The rhythm was sinus with what appears to be an intraventricular conduction abnormaility. Normal valves, Normal chamber sizes. Normal biventricular function. Trivial tricuspid and pulmonary insufficiencies by doppier.
I am still waiting to get into see a speacialist however I can not rest not knowing exactly what this means....the family doctor told me not to let my son do anything until seen. can you give me any information

Re: 9 year old son echo report

Sinus rhythm is normal rhythm. 

Also echo report is normal, so right now there is no abnormality detected !!!
intraventricular conduction abnormality: for example incomplete right bundle branch block is quite common in this age, with no pathology.
If you are still worried you can send ecg or echo report.
Best Regards
Medical Team, Heart Consult

Heart pain and hypotension

I am 35 yo man.I had ecg 10 days back because i had hypotension (90/70) and chest pain on left side.My ecg shown the following report: QRS=82 ms, QT/QTC= 390/382 ms, PR=122ms, P=108 ms, RR/PP= 1018/1030 ms, P/QRS/T= 23/53/32 Degrees (please tell me normal range) Interpretation = Sinus Bradycardia , otherwise Normal ECG Please suggest me if my Ecg is normal or not.As i have been suffering from chronic hypotension and chest pain but doctors say my report regarding heart is normal.I also had ecocardiography 2d and tmt test the report of which also normal butstill i have hypotension and heart pain.please tell me what to do




ecg looks normal.
maybe there is other cause for your pain. muscle/ bone? 
Chest x- Ray? 
some people have chronic hypotension, sometimes salt intake increase helps
have your blood checked ( including thyroid text)
Best Regards, 
Medical Team, Heart Consult