Heart problem of anxiety?

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 12:41

Hi doc, in mar 2011 i suffered from a peculiar chest pain , there was a sharp
pain in my left side of the chest (under my nipple).The doc they carried out
my Echo and very next day carried out Anigoography (i dont know the
reports of Echo :-
lvef=49 % mild hypokinisea
normal functioning of all valves.
no vegetation/clot/pe
normal size.
My angio reports were absolutely normal...
Blood reports were normal...
After discharge my chest pain still feels d same.....i developed anxiety and
stress(could be attributed to my online reading habit) ..after 6-7 months
since there was no relief i again went to a cardiologist....he carried out
EKG which was normal except for incompelete RBBB......
On my request he also carried out Echo test,...
reports were
normal chamber size
lvef =75 % (CHANGE IN LVEF ,NO TR, MR this time)
no rwma...
my ques is why is there sudden change in my echo reports????/ is it
normal???/or do i need to follow up with d doc.... what is the reason for my
chest pain is it anxiety or a benign spasms.....
please guide me..