Please advice

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 14:34

I want to take a suggestion for my 17 years old sister. She has symptoms like chest apprehension, anxious from the age of 12. But previously it happens in duration of 5-6 months for 1-2 days. I regularly visited doctor for her treatment. But nothing found wrong in medical test so they provide some medicines like CIPLAR-10 (Propranolol hydrochloride IP 10 mg ) two times a day. This work for some moment but again she caused by this symptoms. Now she suffered from this symptom from past 2 months. Medicines work for some moment(3-4 hours) only. Doctors prescribed some test like echocardiography but nothing reported wrong in test. I am totally disappointing. Can you please suggest me what to do next? Your valuable suggestion provide me right guideline toward this symptoms.