Acitrom and bleeding

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 14:39

I had AVR 15 years back with Star Edward valve. I am taking Acitrom regularly since then. My doctor says the INR should be maintained at 2.5 and varies the dosage often. Alternate day 3 and 4 mg dose gives INR of 2.2 but causes bleeding (thro nose or stools), while Lesser dose leads to lower INR (of about 1.7) Pl. suggest: (1)Is it essential to maintain INR 2.5 OR is it OK at 1.8 for my body? (2) What are the vegetables/fruits etc. to be avoided from the regular diet? OR what are the diets help to maintain the INR? (3) How to prevent bleeding due to injury/ minor accident, as a First Aid? Can I use medicines, such as, "Savoy" - an antiseptic and First aid spray which forms a net over the injured area and prevent bleeding? (4) I sleep only 5 hours at night. Is it enough? I await your early advise.