Query on my Mother's Cardiac situation

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 15:17

Dear Consultant,
I live in a place away from my home town, and heard that my mother recently had a minor cardiac issue.
She had chest pain on the right side and was senseless for a while. A local medical shop guy gave herSORBITRATE and adviced my brother to take her to hospital the next day.
She was normal the next day, but still was taken to the hospital, and they ran ECG, Blood Tests, Holter Monitoring and found everything normal. except for a minor deviation in one out ot three ECGs. She is diabetic-II, and her sugar evel is high, so they gave her Insulin also.
They mentioned that an ANGIOGRAM may be required to be done, however they adviced for 3 - 5 days observation.
My query is if someone has a cardiac issue, can the Holter Monitoring (24H) and ECGs be normal?
Looking forward for a response.