Ventricular topics

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 15:36

I am a 50 yr old woman. Have had ventricular s topics since I was 23. Have cardiologist had holters ,heart CT etc aHad a full med check up and all iis well except My cholesterol was 7.1 but I'm getting that down with Cholestrienole ( naturopathic) I don't do reg exercise- I am 5'8 and 92kg. b/p 125/75 p75i have high anxiety and work long hrs as a nurse. 4 children.  New hubby. EAt poorly ( gastric band) drink wine 3-5/7 nights of 1 champagne. Why the heck do these ectopic s kick in ?? I get nothing for ages then whammy. I will wake and they are there. I get up , get some earl grey tea ,paracetamol ,a berrocca and a warm wheat pack . Try not to worry but feels awful  for a while with fear. Why me?