Artery blockage RCA 100%

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The patient is 59yr old ,male.No diabetes,non smoker,non drinking.
Angiograph reveals.
Ejaculation fraction 18%.(Echo)
Left Main is normal and bifurcates into lad and ltcx.
LAD: Shows proximal calcific specks,The LAD is diseased from its origin and shwos proximal 100% stenosis.The LAD recieves collaterals fromt he RCA.
Diagonal :D-1 shows proximal 95% stenosis .D2-shows diffuse disease.
Ramus:shows mid 100% stenosis
Lcx:non dominanat.The proximal ltcx is normal .the mid ltcx shows plaques.the distal ltcx is normal .the ltcx gives collateral to the ramus.
RCXA:Dominant.the proximal rca shows calcific specks.the proximal rca shows 30% stenosis.MId rca 30% stenosis.distal rca shows 99% stenosis followed by 100% stenosis.
Lv Angio:15% on echo

Extent of disease:Triple vessel