High calcium score on CT

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 12:01

I am a 69yr old male of 5’10 weighing 162lbs. I have not had any heart problems.  My father(who was over-weight)died from a heart attack at 51yrs. I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes with a fasting  a1c of 6.5. I take 1k metformin. I am on 20mg Simvastatin and take a baby aspirin and exercise 5 days a week(walking & running).
The following r my stats:
-My calcium score from the Ulta fast CT was VERY HIGH a 2035:   RCA-1348   LM-0    LAD-577   CX-110. “this suggests a likelihood of a heart attack in 1-2yrs”.
-My lipids are chol-149   hdl-65     ldl-67   trig-63   Lpa-12   CRP-.2 and calcium is 10.3.
-My “VAP” test showed a “pattern A-large buoyant-ldl”.
-The LP-Plaz Test is 130.
-A recent thallium Stress Test was normal.

With my high ca score I am very concerned about what this means and what I can do?  Are the plaques “stable” or r they less firm and more likely to rupture. Or does the Calcium stabilize the plaques?  Do the soft plaques have calcium in them also?