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Second Opinion

Hello Sir, My Niece is suffering from CHD at birth. To be more specific she is diagnosed with

Tricuspid Atresia type I B

PS /PAH Physiology

Moderate Upper Muscular VSD, L-R Shunt

Non Restrictive ASD, R-L Shunt

Mild PS

Confluent Branch PAs

No AV Valve Regurgitation

Good LV Function


We have been told by the doctors at Narayan Hrudayalaya that the child will not have a normal childhood and also a lower life span of approx 20-25 years. The doctors have asked asked us to wait and hope that technology improves drastically in the next 20-25 yrs. My question is what should we be expecting in this case and what hope do we have?


Just discussed  your niece cardiac condition  with our consultant peadiatric cardiologist in England.
Its difficult to give any prognosis.
In any case a cardiac catheter should be performed
If your niece is very young sometimes just a pulmonalis banding could bring some time.
Most probably she will need cardiac operation( bidirectional Glenn or  Fontan).
Long time prognosis is very difficult. Fontan Operation has only been done since last 25 years.
All these childen require anticoagulation of blood and might not have normal childhood ( will not grow normally)   .
If operation is done at Narayan Hrudayalaya please be ensured that this is one of the most experienced peadiatric cardiac centres in South East Asia.

Best Regards and all the Best


i have mvp since 2 yrs and now i have develope isolated diastolic hypertention(95-100) though i m taking propanolol 20mg twice in a day...


i doubt that mvp is cause for hypertension ( how severe is it?) .
If there is no contraindication please add Calcium channel blocker ( e.g amlodipin ) or ACE Inhibitor to medication. Restrict salt intake, reduce weight ( if overweight).

Regards, Medical Team, Heart Consult