Mitral valve stenosis

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I am interested to know how safe is having mitral valvuloplasty., I was informed by my DR I can have M V. instead of having valve replacement I am 73 yr old, and my mitralvalve is decreased to .9 opening, I am very much scared of anything.  thank you for responding.  

Please help

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My mom had faced congestive heart failure.
age 67. having DM from 20 yrs.
all test were performed.
pathological reports are normal
angiography showed normal.
she is suggested for CRT.
how safe and productive will be this treatment at this age.
Please do reply

Opinion about medication and treatment

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Sir my mom age 58 is diagnosed with high in triglycerides that is 227mgs/dl and VLDL cholesterol 44mgs/dl and TMT positive she is advised for angiography test and she is put n atorva asp 150mg daily one and blood glucose is normal range so I need an opinion is an angiography necessary or there is any other treatment to reduce triglyceride.

Back pain and difficulty in breathing

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Hello Sir/Ma'am,
I am 30 yrs old and a bit overweight for my age. I had been unemployed for 3 months and is living a sedentary lifestyle. For a couple of nights I was awakened as if I forgot to breath had a slight pain the middle of the chest after which disappeared after a few minutes. For several days also, I seem to have a hard time breathing, like it is becoming a task for me. I also have mid back pains which is more painful when I breathe deep.
Your help will be much appreciated.

Blood pressure

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Dear doctor
my mothers bp is 65/135 for last 12 days her age is 80. she has been taking TELMA 80 FOR LAST 20 DAYS ONCE IN THE MORNING.HER RANDOME GLUCOSE IS 165.SHOULD WE REDUCE THE MEDICINE.PLEASE ADVICE


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My father is (62 yrs) getting Weariness while pull any normal weights, trying to use stairs by walk. at that moment he should take rest for while, take water and sprinkle water on his face. after laying sometime on bed he feels comfortable. kindly suggest me the treatment for that problem?

Lab result question

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My tropnion level was <0.02 n my ekg every thing was normal except non specific st changes were present what does that mean... Did I have n cardic event or no? I'm 27 n very concerned.