pda ligation

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sir pls explain pda ligation why will this probs occurs sir my child had this prob 3 months baby time then i consult the doctor and cure after surgery i have a one doubt in future any probs for my child any prevention help

paroxysmal trachycardia

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In November 2011 i went to my MD because all of sudden I had fast heart rate, I took EKG he said it was normal due to paroxysmal tachycardia, he put me on a beta-blocker, two weeks later my heart was fine but I first kept experiencing sharp pain in my heart then it went away for another two weeks, then shortly after that I started having dull pain in my shoulder, I started massaging it felt better but still always comes back, my MD told me it was all in my head but i feel chest pressure SOMETIMES when my shoulder feels dull.

CHD related futhre information

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My son who is 8 years having CHD(Dextrocardia, Pulmonary atresia, Large VSD, Corrected Transpositioon of Great Ateries. He had BDG Shunt operation at the age of 1(2004 August) All these years he was somewhat normal. Now he is becoming tired with slight exertion itself. Is there any permanant solution for his problems. Docters are confused - Whether to do Fonton or any other operation?Please advise


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I want to ask about my father he had stunt in his heart with95% blockage. he feels very weak .his left side was numb earlier but now the whole arm and leg pains, he is 65 years old .the medicines r really too much clapivas ,beautoloc,aspisol,gabardineamamryl aspisol atorva pletoz cardace glycomet.there r no suggested multivitamins .he feels very weak plz suggest.



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last year in December father had heart attack n then his EF was  15 to 20 percent then we had performed his engioplasty last year then his health was good then in 9 may we had done his angiography now one of the vein is showing 70 n 95% blocks our physician is telling us to do angioplasty once again and one other cardiologist is telling not to do as it is involved with risk he is also having diabities n single kidney so please give me your opinion for these

Is this a heart problem?

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Why I feel pain in my left arm, left shoulder blade, left side ribs and left leg? is that any heart problem? bcoz I have heart problem from my childhood. someone told me that my heart is not supplying blood properly on my left side body. hope u will answer me. waiting for a reply.

Male, 59 years old

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Dear heart Consult, Been Diagnosed With Eptopic Heart Beat On medication for High Blood pressure (four) Have Been Experiences Jumping Feeling In left Upper Arm.
But Lately Jumping Feeling Getting Much Worse, Yesturday  Had Tight Feeling In Chest Felt Like Heart Jumping Sister Commented That face Was Yellowish.