Heart attack

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Dear Sir
Before four months ago my father face heart attack and they admitted  in Metro Hospital ,Faridabad. sir where Doctor's say his 35% blocked and they  put stent. but sir after four months ago  I again check though the echo test and they so 35% is blocked. sir it can be possible to it .please give me suggestion  quickly .Thank you

I need help

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My name is whitney Pratt. I am a 26 year old male. I do smoke and drink socially. For a few years I have been getting irratic heart beats. I can lay Down at night and my heart rate will be in the hundreds. And then a few minutes later it will be in the fortys. I went to a cardiologist and they said it sounded like an arrhythmia. Unfortunately I could not proceed with what they wanted to do next because of financial issues. They wanted blood tests and a 24 hour heart monitor given by a third party. I just can't afford anything. My question is how can my heart go from 120 to 45 bpm.

Seek advice

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I am 34 y male and having hypertension and high Cholesterol since 2009. I am on medication ie Telma AM and SELOMAX 25/2.5 per day for BP and ROUSVAS 10 for my Cholesterol. my BP remains in cont and I do adequate physical ex. I have been suffering from heaviness and choking kind of sensation in my chest. i have also been experiencing tiring left arm with small pain radiating till my neck n jaw..i have recently gone through TMT, 2D Echo doppler, MRI angio brain, MR angio renel artries, TOS(thorosis oultlet syndrom (CDFI), ALL blood test including TSH.

Consultation for my wife's ECG report

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Dear Doctor
I wish to consult doctor online for my wife ECG report and want to get further treatment in India. Pls advice.
Rate : 89 BPM
Rhythm: Sinus
P= Wave NILL
A. Morphology normal
B. Duration 0.04 sec
PRR Interval 0.04 sec
QRS wave nil
ST segmeny depressed in IIAVF V2-V6
T wave normal
U wave absent
AXIS normal
Others NIL
Final Info non specific ST changes.

Cardiac sarcoid

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I've had sarcoid since 1987 and been on all different kinds of medicines. I have lung and skin sarc that I know of. My question is recently I notice that my sarc is flaring backup and I've been having a lot of trouble with my chest around the heart area. How can I get a doctor to tell me if I have sarc in my heart? Recently had stress test, echo, ultrasound and ekg. I just don't believe they know what they are looking for.

Coronography test

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Dear Sir/Madam,

My mother in law is 80 and last Sunday she suffered a small heart atack which the hospital said she was 'lucky' to have surpassed. The hospital has reccomended she undertake a coronography test. What are your thoughts due to her age and frailty
Thank you

CT angiography

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My dad had a cardiac arrest. He was later advised angiography. it is i think invasive. But i am worried. is CT angiography non invasive? Can it be an alternative to angiography? Thanks in Advance.