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my grand mother is 79 years old she is having a heart ailment can u suggest a good cardiologist who can have a house visit in delhi she has a heart which is functioning at 20% of the normal rate the doctor is presently prescribing the medicines like Q car, sorbitrate, lasix etc her situation is not improving she has swelling in feet , breathlessness the whole night , whenever she tries to sleep indigestion & low BP to the tune of 100/50 at any given time

Please help

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my cousin is in the hospital with heart failure and they do not know why. it is not a heart attack. he got a tattoo on thursday and wound up in the hospital on sunday. the doctor said it was not a viral infection. he is in good health and runs 6 miles every other day. he is 40 yrs old. do you think the tattoo had anything to do with it. also, there is a family history of heart defects on both sides of the family. he has been shocked 40 times and the pace maker they put in is not working. they only way they are keeping him alive is with a device called impella.


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24hr ecg shows 1mm st depression downsloping, 7 atrial ectopics, 1 ventricular ectopic and 9 tachycardic episodes. had nomal angio could this still be angina?

Echo result

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My mother has got a echo result of 20% heart working. She is 49, medicines are on. Can she have a normal life. How much time it takes to recover.

Ectopic beats

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My wife is 14 weeks pregnent.. and during the recent doctor visit they told she is having ectopic heart beats is it serious? what are all the things need to be taken care to make it normal Pls suggest some actions to avoid or to reduce it.

Opinion about heart situation

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My father did go through ECG and echocardiogram tests recently. He did not have a symptom of any heart disease and those tests were part of his regular check up. Some problems were found in the test reports and our family doctor said he will need a pacemaker. I thought to send you the scanned copy of the reports for your opinion on this.
Thank you very much.


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I have started on an increased dose of vyvanse today. Now I have nausea, dizziness, and my chest feels like somebody is pushing on it. I know vyvanse can cause anxiety, so I was wondering if someone could tell me.

Thallium scan

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My cousin aged 40 is having cholesterol 700 and doctors have suggested thallium scan. Is this is the required procedure? Also please advice me is it a safe procedure for him.

Long duration extra systole

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sir, my age 51, diabetic, and hypertension with occ. miss -skip beat sensation under habit of tea with NORMAL ECHO, NORMAL TMT 7 MINT., NORMAL SIGNAL ECG(NEGATIVE FOR RMT) Q..occasinally once in 2 or 3 months or in 6 months in very normal situation suddenly I get one miss beat sensation with long interval ..beat resume in 1 or 2 second but with serious giddiness and unbearable situation for few mints...AT THAT TIME I FEEL GASTRIC AFFECT ALSO ..can this tea caffine effect?acidity concern?--in normal condition signal ECG negative for RMT--occ.