Heart Bypass Surgery in India

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Coronary Artery Bypass commonly known as Heart Bypass Surgery is performed in order to remove the blockage and harmful deposits found in a person's vital arteries. Substances like fat and cholesterol  coalesce in the arteries leading to the reduction of blood flow to the Heart. The blocked artery hinders the flow of the blood and therefore leads to cause symptoms such as chest pain and other cardiac disorders and sometimes even a Heart attack. Bypass surgery is done in order to increase the flow of blood.

Heart problem or anxiety

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Hi doc, in mar 2011 i suffered from a peculiar chest pain , there was a sharp pain in my left side of the chest (under my nipple).The doc they carried out my Echo and very next day carried out Anigoography (i dont know the reason)...... reports of Echo :- lvef=49 % mild hypokinisea mILD TR, MR normal functioning of all valves. no vegetation/clot/pe normal size. My angio reports were absolutely normal... Blood reports were normal...


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I wake up last night as some one nocked my bed room door. As I wake up quickly a pain started under left arm, left upper back,left hand,left neck and left upper stomech very badly.I am 29 year old male with 5 feet 10 inches height and 83 kg weight hypertensive and taking Propanolol SR 40 once a day with normal ECG normal with sinus tachycardia, 2D echo mild MVP, normal stress test and CT caronary angiography with zero calcium score (done in May-2011).I always feel pain in chest around epigastric area.Done upper GI endoscopy,result Lax Les and ISB.

Acitrom and bleeding

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I had AVR 15 years back with Star Edward valve. I am taking Acitrom regularly since then. My doctor says the INR should be maintained at 2.5 and varies the dosage often. Alternate day 3 and 4 mg dose gives INR of 2.2 but causes bleeding (thro nose or stools), while Lesser dose leads to lower INR (of about 1.7) Pl. suggest: (1)Is it essential to maintain INR 2.5 OR is it OK at 1.8 for my body? (2) What are the vegetables/fruits etc. to be avoided from the regular diet? OR what are the diets help to maintain the INR? (3) How to prevent bleeding due to injury/ minor accident, as a First Aid?


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How often do Defibrillator Wires eventually poke through the Skin? My Father is 85 yo with CHF and has had an Internal Defibrillator for many years. Just recently a Wire started protruding through his Skin and now about 1 1/2" of the Wire is out. The Defibrillator was turned off and he is not a Candidate for Surgery. He is being treated for Infection but I'm wondering if this is Life threatening and what will happen?

medical advice

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my mother was taking amlodipine+atenololcombination twice and valsartan at morning for hypertension now she developed ankle oedema bp controlled a little low 110/65 what can i do?

Heart palpitations

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I am 16 years old girl and already a few days my heart palpitations. Do not get stressed, do not drink any alcohol, not smoke. This may indicate a heart pounding heart disease? In the four years I was sent to theÿ echocardiography without cardiac problems only preventive pediatrician that due to my hydrocephalus exclude hypoplastic heart syndrome. This syndrome was excluded by echocardiography. If these my current heart problems (palpitations at rest) meant something more serious, followed by heart surgery? So what would it be? Heart disease? If it was this, what is the treatment?

Please advice

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I want to take a suggestion for my 17 years old sister. She has symptoms like chest apprehension, anxious from the age of 12. But previously it happens in duration of 5-6 months for 1-2 days. I regularly visited doctor for her treatment. But nothing found wrong in medical test so they provide some medicines like CIPLAR-10 (Propranolol hydrochloride IP 10 mg ) two times a day. This work for some moment but again she caused by this symptoms. Now she suffered from this symptom from past 2 months. Medicines work for some moment(3-4 hours) only.